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In this "From The Vault" episode of TDS, I bring back an interview with a music legend. George Duke is a close as you can get to music royalty. A two-time Grammy Award winner - a pianist, singer, producer he's transcended genres from Jazz, R'nB to Pop and beyond.

George has worked with Michael Jackson ( Off The Wall), Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Barry Manilow, All Jarreau, and countless others.

Growing up listening to his music and the music of artists he produced and then be honored to call him a friend was pretty surreal. I would wander around his studio and soak in the incredible body of work, the multi-platinum albums, and many little momentums that filled the space with substance and memories.

This picture of a signed CD is from a unique recording Al Jarreau and George recorded on a simple tape before the fame and accolades.

This interview happened just a year before George passed away and is very special to me. I hope you enjoy it.

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