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A short film by Christian Ray Flores

Marianna Ryzhkina,  Klim Efimov,  Angelina Karpova

Written and Directed by Christian Ray Flores

Produced by Pavel Galin, Denis Tsukanov | Original Soundtrack by Peitor Angell | Director of Photography Nikolai Romankov, Kirill Zunin

Executive Producer Deb de Flores | a production of Third Drive.

* The film is in Russian with English subtitles

Dance With Me is a short film about the connection between dance and spirituality. 
Two dancers have to work together. One dances from the head, the other from the heart. 

The films stars three world class ballet dancers. Marianna Ryzhkina, Klim Efimov and Angelina Karpova. This is their acting debut. 

The beautiful musical score was created by Peitor Angell. The title track was written by Dmitri Northman and Christian Ray. Performed by Christian Ray feat. Kat Lawson & Doejah

Marianna Ryzhkina - Prima Ballerina, Bolshoi Theater

Klim Efimov - Soloist,

Bolshoi Theater

Angelina Karpova - Soloist, 

Bolshoit Theater

I wrote the script in 4 hours and we shot the film in 4 days. A simple and yet profound story came to life thanks to our beautiful dancers,  amazing crew and the city of Moscow.

Christian Ray Flores, Writer and Director

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