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Brought to you by the team with $1B Capital Raised.

Learn exactly why most founders fail to raise capital.

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What is the cost of not knowing the reasons why investors are not backing your startup?​

Discover the 5 massive mistakes most founders make and how you can avoid them.

Hear from an investor and a founder we have helped using the Funding Wheel Method.

Don't take our word for it

steve roach

Chairman, Skyscend

“As both a capital partner and digital media partner to Skyscend — Third Drive is a perfect fit in advancing our mission to accelerate seamless commerce. We raised a $1.9M seed round in 70 days and built a world-class brand communicating our value to the world.”

Robert guantt

CEO, Capitall Greek Partners

“Third Drive has been a great partner in assessing investment opportunities, finding areas of concern, improving the business, and increasing our confidence level in the ventures we invest in."

jim Prather

President WAVi Medical

"We produce a groundbreaking Brain Assessment System.  Third Drive has been able to capture our vision, develop a communication strategy, and create a world-class media presence in the web, video, photo, graphics, and print."

Tavis Schriefer.png
Tavis Schriefer

CEO, teleCalm

"Had the pleasure of Brandon’s mentorship during MassChallenge. This was not my first rodeo and our pitch deck was already at about version 34 with quite a bit of refinement to the point that it seemed great.  I quickly came to realize there were dramatic improvements we could make. Our improved pitch took us to the finish line in MassChallenge with the Diamond award and $100K."

Clayton Ayers

CEO Endeavour Asset Management

“Third Drive was instrumental helping us fine-tune our market analysis, creating a compelling story and implementing a marketing strategy.”

Ari Kahn


“Third Drive was instrumental in helping us fine-tune our market analysis, business model and creating a marketing strategy.”

Daniel Hagadorn.png
Daniel Hagadorn

 Co-founder at PK4L

"We came to Third Drive with a deep passion and a clear vision for how we wanted to serve our clients. Christian and Brandon walked us through a step-by-step process that focused our efforts and helped us shape and refine a winning business model, expertly package our services, and create a full range of world-class marketing assets.”

Jhony  Zavaleta.png
Jhony  Zavaleta

Earth Science Project Office at NASA

"Great team! I look forward to continuing to more in future endeavors.”

Rochelle Keyhan

 CEO Collective Liberty

“Brandon Knicely at Third Drive gave us some tough love mentorship during MassChallenge Texas. Through strategic precision and guidance, we made dramatic improvements in our pitch that took us to the finish line in MassChallenge with the Diamond award and $100K.”

Leslie Gossett.png
Leslie Gossett

CEO House of L

“Through Third Drive, we developed a robust business plan and financial model, doubled our valuation and raised $200,000.”

Daniel Turner.png
Daniel Turner


"Brandon can frame a problem/solution set, challenge a business model to ensure its on solid ground. I would recommend everyone talk to Third Drive if you’re looking to raise capital."

Coming soon! You’ll get an email with the details!


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